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Thank you for your interest in our pre-employment tests and management assessments. Employee Selection and Development, Inc. provides assessment tools to over 600 companies worldwide with the most cost effective and revealing pre-employment testing and post-employment testing available. Our goal is to help companies, hiring managers and human resource professionals screen applicants for job fit, work ethic, integrity, aptitude and core competencies. By using our testing, companies reduce employee turnover and have a highly motivated and compatible workforce.

Our psychometric pre-employment tests and management assessments are fully validated and exceed all EEOC, ADA, APA guidelines and requirements. Each pre-employment test and management assessment is administered through a 24/7 online assessment center.  Most results are ready to be viewed within three minutes of test completion.

To learn more about our pre employment tests and management assessments, please view the Powerpoint Presentation shown here. If you are unsure about which test is best for you, please call us at 800-947-5678 for a free consultation or fill out our contact form and have us call you.