More Applicants Does Not Mean Better Applicants

Recent layoffs have dramatically increased the labor pool. I am sure many of you are seeing greater than ever response to your employment ads. Unfortunately, while the supply of applicants has increased, the quality has not increased proportionately. Why is this? In a recent pre-employment screening survey of hourly employers done by Employee Selection and Development, Inc approximately 75% reported that the economic slowdown has allowed them to cull out their “dead wood”. The remaining 25% of companies surveyed reported the slowdown has forced them to layoff good workers that they plan to hire back when the economy improves.

How can you tell good hourly workers from poor hourly workers?

Our ENet Hire Survey provides the answer. This tool effectively screens for workers who have supervision, absenteeism, tardiness, drug, theft, customer service, work place violence and safety problems. It was originally developed for the service industry and is now used by over 1,900 companies worldwide.

Please click here to see a real life report. The name has been changed for privacy issues. This individual was hired and is the company’s best employee two years later.

The ENet Hire Survey is Internet based and available 24/7 through Employee Selection and Development, Inc. Prices are based on volume. If you would like to discuss this survey in more detail, please call Employee Selection and Development, Inc. 800-947-5678 for additional information.

About the Author

Albert (Bert) Zinkand, President of Employee Selection and Development, Inc. has over 30 years of management, employee testing and development experience in large and small corporations. He began his career with Ford Motor Company, ultimately becoming the Midwest Regional Operations Manager of the Lincoln Mercury Division. He led the turnaround of over 20 automotive dealerships and district organizations, and served on Edsel Ford’s staff. Subsequently, Mr. Zinkand was recruited to accomplish the successful turnaround and management of a Nashville based Advertising and Production Company, which led to a favorable acquisition of that firm by a large corporation. As a result of his successful use of personality and skills testing in management and turnaround endeavors, Mr. Zinkand’s interests turned to the testing industry. As Manager and Director of Craft Systems, Inc., he grew the company tenfold. This experience led to his collaboration with numerous industrial psychologists and test publishers on many of the industry’s leading employee selection and development assessments. Mr. Zinkand founded Employee Selection and Development, Inc. in 1997 and has grown the Company to over 600 clients worldwide. Albert Zinkand is a frequent speaker at industrial conferences, and is active in corporate consulting on use of competency, personality and skills testing to improve bottom-line profits.