Evaluation Tools for Hiring Winners

Assessments are a first step toward understanding a candidate or employee. Emplyee Selection & Development, Inc. offers evaluation tools that give employees an opportunity to learn something about themselves, with the goals of self improvement, personality enrichment and enhancement of their work relationships.

Who Is Applying?

  • A 36% increase in number of job applicants who are not eligible for rehire due to personality conflicts, disciplinary problems, theft and embezzlement.
  • 7% of applicants had criminal record.
  • 25% misrepresented their education and credentials.

Evaluation Tools vs Interviews

A recent study by Michigan State School of Business professors
concluded tests / assessments were more accurate in predicting job success than interviews.

On average, interviews validated at 12 to 20 percent accuracy.

Interviews by themselves are not a good selection tool 80% to 88% of the time.

80% of Resumes Are Misleading

Top Areas Where They Are Misleading

  • Inflated Salary Claims 41%
  • Untruthful Reasons for Termination 34%
  • Inflated Job Title and Responsibility 33%
  • Employment Dates Altered 30%
  • False Education Degrees Claims 27%
  • Phony Previous Employer 25%
  • Made False Claims 22%

Evaluation Tools Prevent Job Failure

Eighty five percent of all job failures have to do with the lack of appropriate work habits, not technical skills. How the person does the job and what kind of habits they bring is in most cases more important to identify than technical skills.

Peter Drucker says: “One third or more of all hiring decisions are outright failures and in no other area would we tolerate such dismal performance.”

Consequences of Bad Hires

  • Endless recruiting and hiring of new employees.
  • Increased training costs – including
    management time.
  • Full pay and benefits during training,
    before full productivity is reached.
  • Lost sales opportunities and frustrated
    supervisors and management.
  • Average cost of a bad hire is $20,000-
    $30,000. Higher in management
  • Loss of knowledge and experience built up by departing people.
  • Loss of customer confidence.

Turnover Costs Are Real

Cost of turnover is an elusive figure that can sabotage your bottom line. Often companies have trouble identifying it as a real expense. Employee Selection & Development, Inc. can help you identify the true cost of an employee turnover. Ask for a free turnover cost analysis.

The Solution requires more than money and a roll of the dice to find and hire productive people!

Change the Methodology

The major hurdle to changing the hiring process a company is using is human nature itself. To foster greater productivity in the selection process of successful employees, companies must examine the tools and the approach they are using.

Investing In Selection

If more money were to be invested in the selection and hiring process, it is more likely the person will make it through the training process and become a top producing member of your team.

Testing is Acceptable!

92% of applicants surveyed found tests acceptable, while only three percent
resented it. The rest had no opinion.

The Assessment Industry

  • 19 of 20 Fortune 500 used tests
  • Usage continues to increase at all size companies

Top Five Reasons to Use Assessment Tools

  • Limit Legal Liability
  • Minimize Poor Performance
  • Identify Potential Problems
  • Reduce Turnover
  • Increase Quality of Employees

Why Organizations Use Assessment Tools

  • Selection
  • Placement
  • Training & Development
  • Promotion
  • Workforce Planning
  • Program evaluation

Tools for Hiring Winners

  • Pre employment tests and assessments that are well
    researched, and validated.
  • Tests that comply with EEOC, APA and ADA guidelines.
  • Internet based and reports are ready within three minutes of test completion.

If you would like to learn more about how pre-employment screening, pre employment tests, management assessments and workforce planning can improve your bottom line, please contact Employee Selection & Development, Inc. at 800-947-5678.
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